Welcome to free patterns & thanks for dropping by. Free-Patterns.info was created by Sagive SEO. The main reason i created free-patterns.info was due to the fact i couldn’t find any free patterns for commercial uses. I am (part-time) a theme builder and needed access to some easy-to-use, easy-to-find patterns for each project.

Search  And You Shall find!

I Build Free-Patterns.info in a way that would enable you to find the pattern you desire easily. If You think i have missed anything or want to suggest anything i would love to hear about it. Visit the contact form where you can get in touch and be heard.

Pattern usage – What’s Allowed

First, i would recommend you read the usage terms.

To make a long story short. Here is the usage information:

Allowed To…

  • Use patterns as many times as you want
  • Use patterns in any personal projects
  • Use patterns in any commercial projects
  • Use patterns in templates you sell

NOT Allowed To…

  • Offer the patterns to download at your website
  • claim patterns as your own / your work
  • sell patterns as patterns (as stand alones)

Please Note:

If you choose to upload a pattern (Thanks you, you will get the credit for your pattern!) you are basically granting users usage rights as described in the usage terms page.